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laminate rectangles :: joseph goosey

I will emit a small thing,
like a dragonfly flapping it’s way out the nostril
and shoved back in
by a screeching blond coworker
whose shirt is the color of your nephew’s Easter.
Certain objects I will not own.
A Nephew.
Seven huskies marching back home with the maple syrup dripping from their jaws and
into mine.
Infinite and laminate rectangles
bursting out of an animal skin wallet,
talking about insurance of health insurance of vehicle insurance of the right to enter through specific sets of glass doors on specific Wednesday evenings.
Certain things I do not want to own.
A wave carelessly at the goings on, it all passes and whether in a hearse or a recent model Cadillac it arrives
into the same garage in need
of cleaning.


Joseph Goosey wishes to escape his residence in Jacksonville, Florida. He has one chapbook available via Poptritus Press and another via Shadow Archer Press. He is currently at work and would like to leave so he can buy a $1 Guinness. He loves you for reading.